Submissions to Direct for Hawthorne Players' 2020 Season

Deadline for submissions: June 18, 2019

The letter below may be downloaded HERE as a printable pdf

Download submission forms HERE.

Dear Prospective Director,

While this is our annual call for directors and shows for the coming season for Hawthorne Players, there is much more to this current call. The 2020 Hawthorne season will be our 75th Anniversary Season.

The Board has considered various ways to approach this special season. We could reminisce and present older, classic shows, reflecting our past and our successes. We could present shows that are themselves 75 years old. We could celebrate the fame of our unique reputation, presenting current plays and musicals that are cutting edge or those not typically approached by other local theatre groups. We have thought about those factors, and we have decided to let the submissions from prospective directors aid in the specific planning.

This may add pressure to your proposed ideas, or it may not. Hawthorne would simply ask that you consider the special situation and approach your submission with that in mind. To reflect that, we have a new item on the submission form, asking you to discuss your reasons for your choice being appropriate to our anniversary season.

We plan to continue our tradition of a “large” summer musical but are open to both straight plays or “small” musicals in the spring and fall time periods.

Our 2020 production and theatre move-in dates are:

Spring Show: Summer Show: Fall Show:

March 27-28, April 3-5; Move-in March 21 July 31, August 1, 7-9; Move-in July 18

November 6-7, 13-15; Move-in October 31

We have late June and early December dates reserved for potential Best of Hawthorne productions and are open to also receiving suggestions for musical reviews or other production ideas for one or both of these time slots.

If you are interested in directing for Hawthorne, please complete one director submission form for each show you are proposing by no later than June 18, 2019. Email your submission materials to

Please do not take the submission process lightly. The group expects that when you submit to direct a show you have not only read the script but have also studied the show and developed a vision for its production. You should be willing to meet with the Hawthorne Board and be able to answer questions about language, accents, length, number of characters, their gender and ages, music, etc. You will also be expected to identify the period of the show as you intend to direct it and how your choices impact the set design, costuming requirements, and any special needs of the show. Directors, as well as most all involved, are volunteers. Budgets vary based on the show requirements.

The Theater: The Florissant Civic Center Theater has approximately 550 seats, a proscenium stage, a computerized light board, integrated sound system, men's and ladies' dressing rooms, a green room and large wing spaces. An orchestra pit is available under the removable stage apron. The house is deeper and narrower than many community theaters. The sound system is fully functional and body microphones, floor microphones and a cloud microphone are always available for your use.Items that are considered by the Board:

• Season Balance

• Audience Appeal

• Marketing Prospects

• Director's Experience and Reputation

• Director's Proposal/Submission

• Probable Cost of the Production

• Production Requirements and Challenges

• Script Quality

Show Selection Process: The Board of Directors will review all submissions. Depending on the Board's familiarity with the show and your work, you may be asked to meet with one or more members of the Board to review your submission.

After a preliminary review, the Board will contact the holder of performance license rights to determine the availability and licensing cost of proposed shows being considered by the Board. In some circumstances, the Board may contact a submitting director to gauge his or her interest in directing a show other than the show or shows submitted by the director. All directors will be contacted to advise them of their submission status, normally no later than the end of August. Our season will be officially announced no later than October.

If you would like more information about Hawthorne Players, please visit our website at Hawthorne’s record of excellence depends greatly on the quality of its directors. We hope you would like to be part of this important process.