A Raisin in the Sun


Directed and Designed

Nancy Crouse

John Mefford

(Karl Linder)

Archie Coleman


Rhonda Cropp

(Mrs. Johnson)

Joshua Bruton

(Travis Younger)

Brennon Keys

(George Murchison)

Moses Weathers

(Joseph Asagai)

Kimmie Kidd-Booker

(Lena Younger)

Eric Lindsey

(Walter Younger)

Ashley Santana

(Beneatha Younger)

Jazmine Wade

(Ruth Younger)

Kevin Bruton   Mike Renez

(Moving Men)

Set Design by Nancy Crouse

Brian Paladin, Master Carpenter

Lighting Design by Carl Wennlund

Sound Design by eric Wennlund

Costumes by Jean Heckmann