The Producers


Directed by Adam Grun

Dominic Windsor and Kent Coffel

Hawthorne’s production was a smash hit, receiving great reviews.  “One of the best community theatre shows I have ever seen.”--Bob Wilcox, “Two on the Aisle.”  Not only was the show the big winner at Arts For Life, but Mel Brooks himself was pleased!  Post-Dispatch theatre critic Judith Newmark reports that:  “Mel Brooks was delighted to learn that the Hawthorne Players, a Florissant community theater that dates back to the 1940s, scored a big win last week at the Arts for Life awards for its production of his show, "The Producers."

Stephanie Merritt as Ulla

Alan Aguilar as Roger De Bris

Robert Doyle as Franz Liebkind

Ryan Cooper as Carmen Ghia

Tom Yager as the Judge

John Robertson as Mr. Marks

Choreography by Carrie Fejedelem

Set Design by Ken Clark

Costumes by Jean Heckmann

Music direction by Marc Strathman and Joe Paule, Sr.